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Values &
Driving Passion

Cluō is built on a simple philosophy

make the world a better place for current and future generations



We are driven by leveraging technology to help people connect with their food in a fact based and transparent way; allowing them to make conscious and empowered choices about nutrition and their well-being.











We believe everyone in the world should understand what they consume and its impact on others.


1. Progression of wisdom

Pass knowledge and experience from our mentors to the next generation.

2. Keep it simple

Ensure all content is easy to understand and fun to navigate.  

3. Take responsibility
Acknowledge concerns and find solutions.  Learn from our experiences and build on them.

4. Dream big

Enjoy the thought of "what if..." while thinking of how to make the world a better place.

5. Inspire curiosity

Relish discovery and adventure.

6. Embrace change

Recognize seasons and room for growth. 
7. Collaboration
Unite like minded organizations for the common good, enabling support to our community.
8. Accessibility
Support those with access to technology and the desire to improve their health.
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