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Cluō is an app designed for the conscious consumer.

Scan product labels to find out what they really mean.

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In a complex marketplace, understanding product labels can be challenging, leaving conscious consumers like us feeling uncertain about our purchasing choices.

We exist to demystify labels and enable informed decisions for a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Say goodbye to confusion and embrace the simplicity of shopping with Cluō!

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Getting Started


Step 1
Download the app

Head to your app store and download the app!

With Cluō in your pocket, you'll feel like a label-savvy superhero on a mission for healthier choices!


Step 2
Find a Label

Time to get investigative!

Look for an item in your cupboard that has a food label you're unsure of and pull it out.


Step 3
Scan Away

Just aim, click, and watch as Cluō decodes product labels in seconds.

The insights from a simple scan will make you the smartest shopper around!